You are a superstar lady. Yes you are. You too have groomed us very well and because of you only we all were looking so stylish yesterday. I am really very thankful to you rashmi. Please be in touch. Lots of love.


I’m really happy by sending kids for the sessions applause for your efforts. Kids try to apply and follow all the rules and etiquette trained by faculty . thanks a lot . would like to be part of your fourth coming events.


The thing that I like the most about sessions is the dressing style which was improved by rashmi & it help me in my training session. The color sense by using all these concepts. I really could build of good image.

Disha Hariyani

A well balanced career oriented professional or homemaker, a caring and loving women, who molds her family, raises the qualities at home and contribute to the society. To reside in her such a valuable position. Coming up with finishing workshop for ladies to be elegant and smart, confident and enables her to be graceful at all times in life.

Sheetal Rathi

Interactive and demonstration sessions via picture & real time applications.

Vijith Agarwal

Image is power to create lasting impression these lines felt true after organizing the finishing workshop by rashmi modi, image consultant and soft skill coach. Social etiquette and manners, dressing & grooming, makeup and styling definitely helped to add a magic to one’s style and grace, talks a walks.  Nutritional requirement to relationship management, home management and self-defense are the most valuable lesson which helped to build self-confidence. Over all Rashmi and her wonderful team had helped to develop an impressive personality with positive attitude and helps one to stand apart from the rest. My best wishes for her future projects and hopes same sup[port in organizing future workshops too.

Shital Rathi- spravag the creative hub

Thanks a lot for all the efforts on us mam. Really enjoyed grooming sessions.  


The sessions with you was wonderful & an eye openness. I have learnt a lot from you and would definitely apply to my everyday.

Madhvi & Deepshobha

A very good learning experience.


Thank you for this much needed replacement in GD & PI experience and the kind of practical examples to suggest ions you delivered to us as diversions.


It helped building the confidence amazing experience.


Wonderful experience. Learned a lot will be very much helpful


It was really fantastic session with you lots of things to learn and updating self is really booster. More than you are a fantastic, energetic, very positive person to know. Thanks for your knowledge and wonderful company


The concept that worked for me were body type evaluation, color recommendations & hair & skin care along with mock interview sessions.


It was really a fantastic session with you. Lots of things to learn and updating self is really booster. More than you are fantastic, energetic very positive person to known. Thanks for your knowledge and wonderful company.


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