Rebuilding your clothes wardrobe is an interesting job involving a lot of shopping online and offline, however when it comes to footwear we go extremes. The shoe freaks like me can’t decide which to keep in cart and what to let go, others like my li’l sissy can’t help but match the comfy pair to every outfit and occasion.
Let’s talk about how we can build a quintessential footwear closet.

As a first step, list down the types of outfits that you wear more i.e. skirts, maxis, trousers, saree, suits, denims etc.
Start off with a shoe and a sandal in your hair colour – these can be worn with lots of things as they create what we call Visual Grouping, they lead your eyes back to your face.
Nude shoes are also great – choose a shoe that blends well with your skin and they elongate your legs and can also be worn with lots of different outfits.
A dark pump in something like black or brown, depending on the colour of your favourite dark bottom garment, like black for black pants as they blend in well and make your legs look longer.
A selection of comfortable flats such as ballerinas are great – choose a few colours that work back with your wardrobe, work out on what colours do you preferably wear (for example it is red, peach, black and beige for me)

Some dressier shoes such as peep toes are essential. Sandals are also a must for humid warmer climate, both strap and high, plus flat sandals and flip flops – preferably with a little feminine detail or interest. I usually go for silver, golden and black (I know again!!!) for dressier outfits would have atleast any one of these.
Next you can keep adding on with Oxfords and Loafers that are great to wear with trousers. If you need to walk to work look for a black or darker sneaker type shoe that is comfortable, but discreet.
For add on options Boots are great – if you wear trousers go more for short boots, if you wear skirts go for knee length boots to elongate and slim your legs. Riding boots in brown or black, plus boots with heels are great option to have for dressy occasions. A red boot is also a great staple.
A pair of wedges are also great – they provide stability with a bit of extra height (if you want or need it) only if you are not comfortable with pointing heels. They’re a good choice to wear with cropped pants/clam diggers especially in a skin colour.


Travel friendly footwear
Many of us will be travelling in the next few months by airplane.  And with strict airport security measures (specifically international travelers) it’s a common practice to have to take off your shoes (especially leather) to go through security.   This means that you need to think about your travelling shoe selection more carefully before you leave, as hopping around attempting to pull off a boot (and then falling over) isn’t the best way to go. Also walking through the security to designated gates, shopping through palladium or just riding on a travelator, they all can be killer for feet.
The ideal is something that:
Is slip on and off so that you can take them off quickly and easily in the security line without holding those around you.
Avoid shoes that have buckles and laces or are not easy to quickly take off, if you need to sit down to get your shoes off, then they are not the right shoes for airplane travel.
You also want a shoe that is comfortable for walking around airports as there is often a long jaunt to the gate (some airports advertise 20 minute walks!)

Ballet Flats
They work with both trousers and skirts/dresses, they are easy to slip on and off and if you find a pair that you think is comfortable then you can walk a long way in them. These would also work well with majority outfits hence reducing your baggage weight of multiple shoe combinations.Image result for ballet flats

Ankle Boots
Find a pair that slip on and off. You can wear them with opaque tights or your jeans. Avoid anything in leather, as they have to go through the scanner meaning compulsory taking off shoes at every security check.Image result for ankle boots

Are a great alternative to ballet flats and are easy to take off and put on when going through airport security.Image result for loafers women

Slip on Sneakers
These are a comfortable casual version of the loafer that allows for lots of walking in the airports (and on holiday too) yet are easy to get on and off.

Sandals that don’t require buckling
You want a pair of sandals that are easy to slip on and off, though personally I find them uncomfortable for brisk walking or sometimes even running in case of last minute flight calls, also I find airplanes too cold for footwear where my feet aren’t covered, but I know that not all of you may share my affliction!

There are so many shoes that you could choose – and it’s good for your feet not to wear the same shoes day after day, so you don’t grow corns and bunions as your shoes have a chance to dry out sweat properly.


Written By:
Rashmi Modi
Image and Wardrobe Consultant, Stylist, Personal Shopper, Trainer

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