Ample of times I have heard that knowledge these days is readily available and we have most of it over the net.

I am asked a lot of times what extra can you add that isn’t available on internet.

My first question, what do we aim at when we say LEARNING is what I want. It is acquisition of at least one out of knowledge, skills or attitude.

By knowledge we mean understanding or grasping of information available.
By Skills we mean practicing the knowledge thus acquired
By attitude we mean drinking the concept hence practicing the learnt concept so much so that it becomes our inherent nature.

I read somewhere ‘ learning is not a spectator sport but a participatory one’

So yes information or data is free and readily available however knowledge can be achieved only through thorough understanding of concepts and skills can’t be acquired unless and until it is practiced. More to it attitude is something only experience gives.

And all this require expert guidance. As a consultant I reply that a person will be able to read through data or information but enhance only by getting onto foot and practice under guidance.

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