nterview’ – The word itself brings up a lot of memories, imaginations, worries, predictions and expectations.

we start to prepare by Revising, Re-revising, solving, learning and even shopping. What clothes to wear, how to speak, way to behave and everything in the world that anyone related or not so related tells us to do.

So are we missing something? The fact is whether it’s a brand new job, a new promotion or an idea to be presented, even when we may know the intricacies of our subject, how they are served in front of our prospect makes all the difference.

The factors that become hugely important in an interview include competence, honesty, credibility, and trustworthiness. Interviewer will judge these in the first three seconds of meeting YOU.

Kidding me? Three seconds? I don’t even get a chance to say hello in that time. way before we get to showcase all the preparation done, the interviewers have made a decision by ‘window shopping’ us.

So till this time were you ‘by-hearting’ the answers for making that first impression. Good going kiddo, but we are forgetting a very important aspect of garnishing what we have cooked in our mind.

Until and Unless our Appearance gives us an opportunity to feed the skills to Interviewer, showcasing any talent is impossible.

Let’s not discuss today of the general guidelines we have been reminded of usually, but some more intricate details of presenting ourselves as a premium product (Oh yes, we are a product on shelf interviewers are deciding to buy or not)

Package yourself in quality clothing. Move out of that black and white suit. We are definitely allowed to add some colour to our outfit. No one minds a pop of pink or blue anywhere. Make sure that your interview clothes are the right colour and shape for your age, skin colour, body type, and job applied for. Ask an image stylist for advice if you’re not sure what works best for you.

Avoid pieces that are too short, too tight. No wobbly too-high heels or an in-your-face tie. Find a balance between fit and comfort. Remember, a flattering, well-tailored outfit shows attention to detail and makes a good first impression about you and how you will do business.

After a good wrapping come the decoration / grooming part. Groom your hair, skin, eyes, face and also nails. Beware of your body odour or breath smell. For ladies specifically: Invest in closed-toed pumps with a moderate heel height, and wear stockings (if wearing a skirt). Top it off with a tote (Handbag big enough to hold your folder).

For a last minute check, make a table and mark yourself on these parameters based on mock interviews. Resume Review for Structure, Information and Design. Your Appearance on Dress, Accessories and Grooming. Mark on Body Language for Eye Contact, Posture, Head Position, Arms, Hand, Legs, Angle of Body, Mouth Movements and Smile. Check on the Discussion like Practice about yourself, Know the Company, Know the job and how Technically Ready you are.

They say that if you want to be at your bosses place, join the club he joins. Exactly, dress and prepare for the job you want not the one you have right now. Each and every day is an interview. Showcase your personal and professional best self and Live life in Style.



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