Got up Late; Hurried into the Bathroom; Couldn’t get my hair done; Makeup? No time for it; Toughest part – OOPS! What to wear? Finally dressed up for work in an outfit most uncomfortable to me and I dare not see myself in the ghastly mirror. We’ve all had days like this. While we keep making resolutions on not letting this happen again, I have a quick process for you that would help you to get things right on time.


Once you are done with daily regime of brushing and get to bath, wash your face. Because you’re in a rush, don’t bother with your whole skin care routine, just wash and moisturise. If you have oily skin, use a good cleanser, if you have normal skin, use a daily facial wash, and if you have dry skin use a moisturising wash. In case of spotty or dirty skin use a daily exfoliating wash. Then, whatever your skin type, don’t forget to moisturise.


Dry shampoo is every busy girl’s lifesaver. If you don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, spray some dry shampoo in your hair and no one will be the wiser! It’s a great trick for when you have time to shower but not wash, dry, and style your hair!


Don’t put on all the make-up you usually wear, because too much will just look messy and will show you’ve been rushing. You can simplify your usual makeup look, such as only wearing eyeliner, mascara, and concealer instead of your usual full face of makeup. If you need eyeshadow, go for a natural color. If you use a brighter color it will take longer to apply, and may turn out to look messy.


Learn a hairstyle that you can use on your busy mornings. Just give your hair a good brush before slipping it back into a ponytail or bun. If your hair is short, just leave it down naturally and put in a cute clip, flower or band to show you have given your hair some attention, or pull back the front, a bit.


There are a lot of ready outfit options wherein you don’t need to experiment a lot and still get it right.

1. A Saree – True! Agreed! Understood! For most people wearing a saree is a premeditated excercise. However, in case it works for you, it is the best attire to carry on those hurried up mornings. Cotton and Kota fabrics work well for the day. The advantage is you have everything matched already.
2. The Dependable LBD OR LWD – A Little Black/White dress (Okay! need not be little for a work day), both are so easy to slip in to, accessorize and dress up. I don’t think anyone has ever looked bad in a black dress or a white dress and this has always been a lifesaver.


Do this by popping on a cute necklace or earrings or maybe a fashionable broach. Definitely wear a watch as a quick accessory. This won’t take long, but it instantly shows that you’ve made an effort and you’ll look a bit less like you’ve just been dragged out of bed.


When you are not sure about what dress you are wearing, simply slip on a pair of shoes that you love and believe me you should have a good day.


There’s just one thing needed. Perfume! A zingy scent will wake you up, or a floral scent will smell gorgeous! People will notice the nice smell more than messy hair or no make-up! Easy method is keep one in your bag, and you don’t spend time on it at home. Apply these and you realize how quick dressing up gets. Just one word of caution “DO NOT EXPERIMENT!!!” on a busy morning.

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