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Companies who manage their image well see the following benefits and those that cannot manage their image well may lose out on all these

  • Premium Positioning
  • Premium Pricing
  • Larger Market Share
  • Favorable Media Coverage
  • Higher Returns For Investors
  • Attracting Best Talent & Retention
  • Lower Attrition Costs
  • Preferred Buyer-Vendor Equation

Consulting provides corporate solutions in Image Management in the following formats:

Training of employees

Employees are the basic pall bearers of the company image and it is essential for them to be well aware of the science and art of managing their image/appearance. We offer training workshops/group coaching based on a training need analysis (TNA). A special emphasis is laid on corporate etiquette which includes dining, travel, email, phone calls and meetings. Based on specific requirements, International etiquette can also be included in the workshop.

Corporate Image Retainer

A company can retain us and periodically utilize our services through sporadic workshops and ongoing follow up coaching. As a retainer, we also impart random quality checks to maintain consistency in standards of the employees for their visual appearance, in addition to this solutions are provided on brand image including stationary, dress code policy etc.

One on one coaching solutions

From a CEO to an entry level executive, every individual wants to appear credible and appropriate for the roles they play and the goals they would like to achieve. This is a personalized service offered by an Image Consultant which involves exhaustive coaching and high level of participation with essential demonstration.

Uniform Designing

Uniforms are not just social levelers. They create recall value and can assist in brand building for various businesses. Asking employees to wear distinctive uniforms in the colors associated with the company can go a long way in establishing an impression in the mind of the consumer. At Rayswin we ensure designing of a Uniform that conveys company’s motive creating distinctive brand image for ease and confidence of employees as well as customers.

Executive Coaching

Development is important in every position within the organization, especially at the executive level. Our global economy has created an increasingly demanding, ever-shifting and faster paced world in which knowledge is central.

The key to the success of a company is a combination of cutting edge products and great people. Our goal is to assist companies develop top performers, reduce turnover, increase sales and profits and provide solutions. Executive coaching is a strategic, focused and individualized approach to your professional development.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can add value to you and your business.

Offerings: Offered to Corporate, Training Centre or One on One


  •  Personal and Professional Marketing
  •  Business Attire: The Right Statement Every Time
  •  Visual persuasion
  •  The Charisma Factor
  •  Communication Styles
  •  Instant Rapport
  •  Presentation Skills
  •  Boardroom Etiquette
  •  Savvy Networking
  •  The Art of Conversation
  •  The Etiquette of Good Business
  •  Dining With Style and Grace
  •  Media Savvy
  •  Ethnic Differences

Tailor made Department / Job based session Modes of Training

The Executive Finishing School Experience is available in formats of half day or full day training. This can be a one-on-one training or a Group coaching for executives.

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