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Weeding Out!!!

While my inquisitive son watching a gardener removing weeds commented innocently ‘maa, dekho wo bhaiya ped ko maar rahe hain’ (Mom, look that man is killing plants), I was lost in my thoughts admiring the grandeur of the humongous tree (from second floor of a resort while on holiday) And it was only when I

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My Quintessential Footwear Closet

Rebuilding your clothes wardrobe is an interesting job involving a lot of shopping online and offline, however when it comes to footwear we go extremes. The shoe freaks like me can’t decide which to keep in cart and what to let go, others like my li’l sissy can’t help but match the comfy pair to

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High on Heels

Talking about Heels At a recent event, while talking about footwear with women of all ages and sections a sudden realization was that how we all want to speak smart however most are smeared with misinformation. Here I take you through a journey on types of heels and where do they work the best. Kitten

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Beauti-full or Beast-full

In a recent article mentioning Deepika Padukone ‘The bollywood celebrity’ rated as the most sexy women in Asia she herself quoted “It does bring a smile to my face, but sexy means different things to different people. For me, it’s not just physical. Being comfortable with who you are, is sexy. Confidence is sexy. Innocence and

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Learning on the field

Ample of times I have heard that knowledge these days is readily available and we have most of it over the net. I am asked a lot of times what extra can you add that isn’t available on internet. My first question, what do we aim at when we say LEARNING is what I want.

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Love at First Sight

First impressions are the Love at First Sight of Business World and there is no second chance to make first impression. Dale Carnegie said “There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: What we do, How we look,

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How to get ready when Late

Got up Late; Hurried into the Bathroom; Couldn’t get my hair done; Makeup? No time for it; Toughest part – OOPS! What to wear? Finally dressed up for work in an outfit most uncomfortable to me and I dare not see myself in the ghastly mirror. We’ve all had days like this. While we keep

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Interview Impressions

nterview’ – The word itself brings up a lot of memories, imaginations, worries, predictions and expectations. we start to prepare by Revising, Re-revising, solving, learning and even shopping. What clothes to wear, how to speak, way to behave and everything in the world that anyone related or not so related tells us to do. So