In a recent article mentioning Deepika Padukone ‘The bollywood celebrity’ rated as the most sexy women in Asia she herself quoted “It does bring a smile to my face, but sexy means different things to different people. For me, it’s not just physical. Being comfortable with who you are, is sexy. Confidence is sexy. Innocence and vulnerability is sexy.”

Do we connect to the thought?

Beauty within ‘YOU’ or the Beast within ‘YOU’

I see beauty everywhere, in young and old, thin and curvaceous.  There is no one way to be stylish, or one expression of beauty.    The most important aspect of beauty is loving and caring oneself in a gentle way.  Not berating to be a different shape, size or colour, or any other physical aspects that is genetically programmed.

Beauty stems from the inside, so if from inside you are being toxic, negative, venomous, then that will start expressing itself to the world outside.  This kind of self-hatred runs much deeper than style and needs professional assistance to work through such negative feelings about the self.  Until those feelings are dealt with you will never feel happy about your style.

As an image consultant I’m super careful about the language I use with my clients as I know how much impact it can have.  It’s the garment that’s wrong, not the body.


You are unique

You are unique, so expecting clothes, which are produced for the mass-market to “fit” as many as possible is kind of ludicrous when you think about it.  As Image Master Judith Rasband says Style is something that is developed from the inside out.  It’s being true to yourself and it’s not put on you by others, as it’s something you need to explore and discover for yourself. This is why developing your style recipe can be so helpful as it gives you a set of self-defined parameters within to create your outfits that truly express who you are.

As an image consultant I take pride in assisting you to discover that recipe.

Now it’s time to change your self-talk and say:

“I am gorgeous/fabulous/beautiful/stylish/amazing/great/strong/etc.” Say these words to yourself repeatedly and daily, it can take time to overcome the years of negative talk that is lodged inside your brain.  Seek professional help if your negative feelings run more deeply (needing professional help is not a sign of weakness).

And also say these kinds of positive words to those around you.

Lift yourself up; in turn also light people up.   My school motto said ‘Let your Light Shine’ and yes it has gone deep inside me. Let this be your motto, bring out your light.

Appear the positive you and Shine!


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