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of confidence, the power of presentation and the internal beauty of every single being. Let’s find out which of the services below better suits your requirements:

Corporate Solutions

Image management solutions for corporates, companies, employees and executives. Employee training based on a training need analysis to make them professional and corporate ready to represent your brand to the world.

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Group Trainings

Group sessions covering one or more critical issues for the relevant audience. Be it men, women, kids, corporates or even global travelers. 

Personal Consultation

Have a specific personality flaw you wish to improve on? Or unable to put a finger on the one thing that is holding you back from creating the perfect first impression? A personal consulting session can be the answer.

About Our Company

Awesome Image

Rayswin Image consulting provides Image consulting services to individuals, groups and corporate across Indore and Bhopal. It was found in year 2015 and has since then trained varied audience on topics related to Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Etiquette

Rayswin deals in the combined expertise in individual elements of image which are clothing, fashion, glamour, grooming, body language and etiquette just like interior designing is a combined expertise in individual elements of interior like carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc. Personality development, grooming and fashion are individual elements and most of the professionals engaged in these professions do not have thorough knowledge of other elements. We aim to work on all individual elements to create an image which is appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable.

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Corporate Solution

Corporate Training programs for all levels of employees from industries like Banking & Finance, Technology, Infrastructure, Media, Aviation, Distribution, Engineering, Retail, Manufacturing as well as Consulting . Our key areas of expertise include creating customer specific solutions, coaching abilities and bringing about an ‘inside out’ transformation in our participants.

Group Trainings

Workshops on creating a powerful first impression.
Complete knowledge on image related topics is provided along with guidelines on creating lasting first impressions.

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Individual Solutions

We provide an elaborate personal image coaching solution which starts with capturing complete information about the client which helps in an image evaluation. Based on the above evaluations, the client is then advised on managing their image based on their roles and goals in life.

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Interview Impressions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rayswin provides Image consulting services on topics related to Appearance, Behavior, Communication, Etiquette. We deal in the combined expertise of image which are clothing, fashion, grooming, body language, communication and etiquette over physical and virtual.

What is Image Management?

Why is it Important to Manage your Image?

Image matters, because people make assumption and judgment based on very limited information. For example, someone may be perceived as confident because they have a firm handshake. They may be seen as trustworthy because they make eye contact. They may be judged as capable, professional, successful − even wealthy or intelligent − because they are well-dressed. The reverse is also true.

Your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your :

  • ♦  Personality
  • ♦  Values
  • ♦  Financial Success
  • ♦  Authority
  • ♦  Trustworthiness
  • ♦  Intelligence
  • ♦  Suitability for hire or promotion

Your personal presentation (communication skills and appearance) influences people’s behaviour toward you, including:

  • ♦  Complying with your request.
  • ♦  Trusting you with information.
  • ♦  Giving you access to decision makers.
  • ♦  Paying you a certain salary or fee for contracted business.
  • ♦  Hiring you or purchasing your product.

These perception and behaviour leave a persistent, long term impression among observers.

Your image can have a significant impact on your happiness by affecting the development

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of personal relationships.

It is therefore essential to be able to create a positive first impression, both on personal and professional fronts, by managing your image.

Who Needs Image Management

Image Management is a rapidly growing industry driven by increasing urbanization and professionalization of services.

The services we provide cater to any of the below audience:

  • ♦  Children above age 6 to 18 years.
  • ♦  Schools and Edu ati oak institutes wanting to Tain their students and staff.
  • ♦  Professionals from different domains – Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors and more.
  • ♦  People in the Public Eye – like Politicians, Corporate Communications Professionals.
  • ♦  Service industries like Retail, Hospitality, Airlines, Healthcare.
  • ♦  HR, Recruitment, Training Companies.
  • ♦  Consultancy Firms.
  • ♦  Corporate professionals at different stages of their career.
  • ♦  Celebrities and celebrity partners.
  • ♦  Corporations looking towards creating a corporate identity that enhances their corporate image and work ethic, involving code of conduct for different levels, which may include personal conduct on days like Casual Fridays and different other occasions and events.
  • ♦  High Net worth Individuals.
  • ♦  Entrepreneurs and people from Top Management.
  • ♦  Socialites.
  • ♦  Housewives.
  • ♦  College and University Students looking for success at their first interview.
  • What all are Image Management Services

    Image consultants meet the demand for image management services through several types of solutions:

    Individual Coaching is emerging as a huge business in India. A person who belongs to a certain group may be aware of the need to manage his or her image better, and would prefer to hire the coaching services of an image consultant just like hiring a personal trainer in the gym. An individual coaching session may have the following format to provide a comprehensive solution:
    Client Information Record or Profile: Here, all the details regarding the client are captured including information about demography, contact detail, climatic condition, client’s life style, personal style, work environment and awareness of image related concepts.

    Based on this information, the consultant takes the client through various clinic to get into each and every element of image. These clinics may include some or all of the following:

    • ♦  Body and Face shape evaluation clinic.
    • ♦  Colour analysis, to identify personal colouration clinic.
    • ♦  Personal Style evaluation clinic.
    • ♦  Wardrobe evaluation clinic.
    • ♦  Make Up and Grooming clinic.
    • ♦  Etiquettes and Body Language clinic.

    An Image Consultant may offer a group coaching session or a workshop to make people aware of the concepts of image management. These may be two or three day workshops with 10 to 15 clients.

    An Image Consultant may also offer any one or more of the clinics from the above list separately to clients based on their need.

    An Image Consultant may also offer image consulting services to companies. This could be either on retainer or assignment basis. The services offered may include training of employees, handling the company image, designing letterhead/logo, signage, etc., the look of the front office, or advising on or developing the company dress code policy, etc.

    An Image Consultant may offer its services to garment retail stores to help buyers procure appropriate clothes by giving a quick image evaluation to buyers on certain promotional days or on any other arrangement.

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